Game-changing subscription product
for real estate companies

Streamline professional quality photography and high accuracy floor plan creation.

Giraffe360 has completely transformed the way we sell properties to our clients. There is no need to hire a professional photographer anymore - the camera does it all by itself, not only giving us high quality photography, but also interactive virtual tours on our website and on the social media pages.
Eugin Song
Managing Director

Giraffe360 subscription includes:

High precision proprietary camera.

Cloud processing service and cloud data storage.

CMS platform for file management and analytic review.

High quality photography

Photos are automatically created by stitching 3 to 6 HDR images available in 50-megapixel resolution, images can be exported for any use case, such as large-scale print for billboards or smaller, web-ready files.

All Images are wide-angle and professionally edited through cloud-based processing. To create a photo, the user simply has to place the camera in a room and press a single button.

Accurate floor plan

Floor plans are automatically generated using the camera's built-in laser and advanced photogrammetry, and are available in different designs and file formats, always with reliably precise measurements. With Giraffe360, floor plans take roughly 2 minutes to generate.

Virtual tour

Alongside floor plans, virtual tours are automatically created in stunning 270-megapixel resolution using built-in lasers and sensors working in tandem with more than 190 camera components. Once more, all of this happens with the single click of a button.

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  • Senior Business Development Executive
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