Giraffe 360°
Transcending property capture and presentation technology

We enable effortless digital space capture for virtual tours, floor plan and wide angle photography with a simple push of the mighty button.

How it works

See how easily you can capture property and view it on any device imaginable.

"Giraffe360 completely changed the way we sell properties to our clients. There is no need to hire professional photographer anymore - the camera does it all by itself. Not only high quality photographies but also interactive virtual tours on our website and on the Facebook page."

Eliminate costs of hiring a photographer

Pictures are stitched from 3 photos creating spectacular 50-megapixel wide angle photography.

HDR bracketing evens out lighter and darker parts of the room, and shows the view through a window.

Achieve higher deal efficiency and decrease property showings down to 70% by embedding virtual tour

Giraffe360 camera captures virtual tour of staggering 270-megapixel resolution.

Detailed floor plan

Every virtual tour is enhanced with precise floor plan that can be downloaded to supplement your property portfolio.

Virtual Reality

Be the first to offer VR viewing!
It is the future of the property industry.

Be ahead of competition!

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